For Future Minds

by bacon moon

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released February 27, 2012

David Bacon - Vocal, Bass
Nick Fury - Drums, Backing Vocal
Rockin' Jon Moon - Guitar, Backing Vocal


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bacon moon Olympia, Washington

Olympia, WA band Bacon Moon was originally formed by Florida native Jon Moon and Alaskan David J Bacon. Conceived initially as a two man writing project, they created a series of lo-fi and noise pop demos during 2007-08. Drummer Nick Lutes joined and brought about a number of live performances through 2010, and the band has since recorded an EP which is now available for digital download. ... more

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Track Name: Wake Up
Five o’clock in the morning, comes a warning
To the people of the earth, the atmospherics are failing.

And we’re wailing, and the air is getting thin
Waking up for the first time, into the night time

Fading out from a bad scene, into a daydream
And the past is on your mind, erasing out the night

And you’re wailing, and the air is getting thin
Waking up for the first time, into the night time…

Wake up, wake up
Wake up, wake up
Wake up, wake up
Wake up, wake up
Track Name: Firestarter
Cold and impersonal time
Life is so slow and mundane
You wish that you could start a fire
And banish your fears in the flames

Sudden unconscious sleight of hand
You wish your whole life could be
One big reactive exploding mess
Like you eye on your big TV!

Yeah you are the fire starter
Fire starter, fire starter (x2)

Smoke rising high in the hills
Foreshadowing red jagged lines
Disaster discreetly fulfilled
A thought that I hear in your mind

So sure you’ll never be anyone
Lovesick or so you believe
And victims of mass hysteria
Get high on your gasoline...
Track Name: Fall Out
Got to get prepared for the main event
Got my helmet on, gonna buckle my belt
You are not here, but I don’t care
I might just find you anywhere

I forged across the frozen waste
On a lost crusade for a golden age
To get caught in your hurricane
To lie down in your desert shade

When you’re following love
And you find what you want
This beauty that time kills
Don't go falling in love, ‘cause you fall out

…(I hate) falling in love… ‘cause you fall out…

And every day just seems the same
I miss the days of hurricanes
This storm gave way to a gentle breeze
My restless mind is not at ease

Go to work, Come home, Lay around, Go to bed
Get up, go to work, what a drag, it’s the worst
I get no sleep I can’t relax
Just waiting for this bridge collapse…

Track Name: On and On
For now and forever long, it pulses on
Building up and burning down
Our great events are staged for future minds to analyze
Will they learn from our demise?

Now the heavens are alight
Our contestants are alive
Rising up now can’t you see?
The ones who live to die are brave and lonely

There’s a nervous anxiety in the air
Will we win will we survive?
You can cut this tension, within your mind
We only travel on and on never arrive

I live for my own hope
It’s reflected in your eyes
That reflection tones it down
Makes me realize I’m barely around

I’ve been hard on myself, and it’s been bad for my health
Change is long over due
And this could be bad for you...

You can’t make this stop no, it pushes on
Just me and my insides
Forever is this building up and burning down

Forever and ever, I will be forever, And I will be forever...
Track Name: Blind
Suspiscions unconfirmed
More meal for the worms
Seeking peace of mind
I'll make myself blind

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